Saxe Point


I painted this scene with a group of plein air painters at Saxe Point early in the morning on a gorgeous day.
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Painted this on a very very windy cool day last week in less than two hours at Elk lake on a 10"x14" Panel in Oils.
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I spent quite a bit of time painting out here in Esquimalt overlooking Victoria Harbor, the same spot I painted the Coast Guard vessel. It was a gorgeous sunny day, ocean breezes through my hair and sun on my face. Arbutus trees are native to Vancouver Island, absolutely gorgeous trees. I painted this scene on a 10"x12" panel in oils.

Foggy day on the dock

I painted this boat downtown Victoria on a foggy morning on a 10"x14" panel in oils.

Coast Guard

I painted this in Esquimalt overlooking a very busy Victia harbor on a !0"x14" panel in oils


Down by the River (11 x 14" Oils)

Grande Prairie' s entertainment, a river a few min drive out of town.This is where everyone hangs out in the summer, river boats cruisin down the river and atv's climbing banks and mounds. I chose a quiet, peaceful time to head down by the the river to paint.


A swim in Esquimalt lagoon

Oils (5"x7") One of my favorite spots to paint, only five min drive from my house.

Morning sail

This is my most favorite spot in Victoria. Five min drive from my house. It was the first painting I did when I arrived in Victoria. I just love the early morning haze, the beach so serene. This is one of my favorite impressions.

House on Dallas Rd

Sat on the beach on a hot summers morning painting this scene. I drove by here many times and finally got round to painting it.

Breakfast at Fiscard's

I sat out here at five in the morning, in the seaweed painting this scene, the sun's rays glimmering on the water and the hazy light captured my attention. It wasnt long before the tide started coming in and I had to get out of there fast!

On the rocks

I found this place quite by accident and returned here a few times to paint. Its near a little village, about half hour drive out of Victoria.

A Monumental day

It was a very windy hot day when I sat here painting this scene, I couldn't stay for long, way too windy. So I returned a few days later to complete this. A seagul decided to pose for me as I was completing this painting and getting ready to leave.

Evening stroll

It was late afternoon, early evening when I decided to paint this scene. The seaguls were getting ready to leave and I managed to paint a few before they left. A local photographer came by and took a pic of me painting this, hence the pic at the top of the page.

After the storm

It was a very wet winter when I painted this farm scene. The rain came and came and came and
came! I just couldnt resist painting this, the colors in the sky reflecting in the flooded farm field caught my attention.


The colors of the sky reflecting in the puddles of water left there by endless rain caught my attention. There's just something about light and water that keeps me captivated and motivated to paint. It draws me in and I just cant resist.